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About us

It’s the small adventures that create perfect moments, where an unexpected encounter inspires change, or an experience cements friendships.

How it all started

Calypso Rose is Founder of The Good Times Card.  An award winning entrepreneur, with a 20 year background in gifts and experiences. For the past eight years Calypso has been thinking, dreaming and living experiences with her company, The Indytute. 

“The Indytute has inspired me to investigate the best experiences. The Good Times Card is all about being able to easily find and gift the best experiences around.  The booking process is simple and the website makes it easy to find what you love. This card is to be spent. To inspire you, your friends and family to get out!  Our partners are chosen because they are the best in their field and they share our values. ’Considerate’ experiences sound rather pompous, but thinking about how we engage has never been more important. Whether it’s a night under the stars, a comedy night, or a talk.  ‘Average’ isn’t good enough.  There is so much talent and imagination all around us I want to provide the nudge that encourages friends to go out and share a bit of the unexpected together. Experiences are all about connecting – small adventures are very important to our wellbeing. That is the essence of The Good Times Card – shared memories”

The team

Calypso Rose


Calypso’s most memorable adventures include hanging out with Flying Fantastic, devouring pancakes with her family at Where the Pancakes Are  and discovering this idyllic hideout in Cornwall

Our mission


With every card purchased The Good Times Card will give 50p to Mind Apples. This charity is dedicated to giving students from school to uni the tools they need to look after their mental health. For all corporate orders we will plant one tree per person for every card over the value of £40.


Fair + Honest

The Good Times Card is on a mission to leave no card unspent. We want to work closely with our brilliant experience partners to fill spaces and seats, ensuring that The Good Times Card is fair and working for everyone. To this end we are honest and transparent in all areas of our business.


The Good Times card packaging is made of 100% recycled FSC paper which uses substantially less air miles and water in production and is carbon neutral. The card itself is bamboo.  The card will become digital in 2022.


We believe that we don’t need more ‘stuff’ and whatever you purchase should be mindful and considered – that applies to just as much to experiences as objects.  We partner with companies that are actively working towards becoming more sustainable. Depending on their area of expertise some will take longer than others but each and every one is striving to improve and we want to be a part of pushing that conversation and action.  We will be reviewing and updating our partner list with this mission in mind.

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