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Bezos v. Good Times

Sat 01 January 2022 | By Calypso Rose

good times card gift for businesses

Bezos v. Good Times

Step aside Amazon … The Good Times Card has arrived with more heart, soul and way less packaging.

Ok, so we’re new around here but The Good Times Card has partnered with some of the biggest names in experiences. Love Theatre to The Edinburgh Festival – these experiences are some of the best in the world and you could give your team access to serious inspiration.

Use The Good Times card to get your crew out and about – if you aren’t doing the office party this year then plan something for next – a group trip to the west end? A talk with world thought leaders thanks to the How to Academy?   Round table discussions at a Tortoise Think-in.  Or perhaps it’s Friday night cocktail hour with Lucky Pineapple.  

Grab a gift card that gives back – with 50p of every sale going to our mental health partners Mindapples.

Good Times Cards are made of bamboo, 100% recycled and valid for 5years.

It’s the small adventures that create perfect moments, where an unexpected encounter inspires change, or an experience cements friendships…  and who wouldn’t want that?   2022 is the year for experiences.

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At Good Times we don’t think any gift should go to waste. We want you to use your card for life’s mini-adventures. The Good Times Card will give you access to unique sports, undiscovered retreats, brilliant festivals, music, food, tours - think it, we’ve got it.

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