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Giving back

Mon 01 November 2021 | By Calypso Rose

The Good Times Card mission

Our purpose

Getting out, seeing friends, and removing all kinds of clutter from our lives is beneficial to our wellbeing and gives our lives meaning. With that, we’ve partnered with the mental health charity Mindapples – which gives students to workplaces the tools they need to look after their minds.  This Christmas we’ll put 50p of every sale into our Give Back Fund so in 2022 we can work on projects with Mindapples that really help make a difference to everyday mental health.  Watch this space.

For all corporate orders we will plant one tree per person for every card over the value of £40.


We are here to disrupt the world of gift cards and to leave no card unspent and unwanted.  We’ve handpicked our partners to bring the very best experiences and if you are not ready to fling open the doors yet then you card order an experience to your home including live-streamed gigs to creative workshops.

Sustainability + emissions

We believe that we don’t need more ‘stuff’ and whatever you purchase should be mindful and considered – that applies to just as much to experiences as objects.  We partner with companies that are actively working towards becoming more sustainable. Depending on their area of expertise some will take longer than others but each and every one is striving to improve and we want to be a part of pushing that conversation with action.  We will be reviewing and updating our partners with this mission in mind.

The Good Times card packaging is made of 100% recycled FSC paper which uses substantially fewer air miles and water in production and is carbon neutral. The card itself is made of bamboo.  The card will have a digital option in 2022.

Where to spend it

At Good Times we don’t think any gift should go to waste. We want you to use your card for life’s mini-adventures. The Good Times Card will give you access to unique sports, undiscovered retreats, brilliant festivals, music, food, tours - think it, we’ve got it.

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