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What to do this December… according to your star sign!

Wed 03 November 2021 | By Good Times

It’s December next week. WT actual F. No, we have no idea how that happened either. With only one month left of another seriously weird year, you better make the most of ‘em. No pressure! Don’t freak, instead let the stars be your guide to a guaranteed good time…


It’s no secret that Aries sure do lurve to party but admit it, you’re a bit out of practice. To get revved up for Xmas party season, ease yourself back in by planning a Big Night Out on November 26th. Warm up your vocal chords for a night of belting out bangers at Massaoke at the Clapham Grand’s Christmas extravaganza. Or get yourself down to Saved by the 90’s and Spice up your Life at Colours Hoxton – Dec 4th.

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This month Taureans should give in to their love of all things naughty and nice. Treat that sweeter side with a night of indulgence – a chocolate and cocktail pairing night at Melt. Head to Notting Hill where you’ll get well acquainted with Pisco Passion, Melt Margarita, Aztec Revenge and their tasty chocco pals. Good luck coming down off that sugar high.


Busy, busy, busy! Gems, you gotta chill! December is time for a well-earned break. Get away from it all by hotfooting it to the enormous Glen Dye estate in Scotland, where a series of winter chef residencies will turn the long December nights into cosy treats: think open fires, locally foraged ingredients and stargazing.


As a Cancerian you’re ruled by your stomach, which officially places you among the foodiest of signs – with a special taste for all things comforting. Indulge that sweet tooth at food and music festival The Great Feast, where you can get cocktails and festive desserts served to a giant ‘dining bed’ that fits you and five friends. Yes, in real life.


Everyone knows you’re fabulous and royal, darling – but have you managed to bring that signature Leo flamboyance to your exercise routine? If not, it’s time to give House of Voga a try. Mashing up ’80s ballroom culture with yoga and dance, the House runs regular classes across London and online. You will honestly never have looked (or felt) so good doing a workout.


‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough for you, is it Virgo? Lean into your perfectionist tendencies this month with something that you can (eventually) totally boss: latte art. Kiss the Hippo’s weekly classes will teach you not only how to do those super-cute hearts, but also the BTS of how all that foam actually works – so you can head home and work on your own cool designs till you get the shakes.


Ever in search of balance and harmony, Libras will likely have found the last 18 months of sporadic house arrest especially tough. Think you might scream if you hit 2022 without having finally sorted out your home décor? This one’s for you: How To Academy is hosting a session with Matt Gibberd, founder of aspirational property agency The Modern House, on reimagining your living space in line with the principles of space, light, materials, nature and decoration. Interior peace at last.

If you’ve missed this talk, you can get Howto+ with over 400+ talks to enjoy with your subscription (all on your Good Times Card) >


Hey, wily Scorpio! You may think you’re always one step ahead, but have you ever tangled with the sinister Moriarty? Take on the only legit escape game based on the BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ series, and unleash your inner Cumberbatch as you try and crack the not-so-elementary clues whilst making your way through original sets from the show. Oh, and there’s a Sherlock-themed bar afterwards where you can rehash the finer points of your deductive prowess.

Sherlock this way >


You’re always thirsty for knowledge, Saj – and this month, your quest to expand your horizons should lead you to Tortoise’s ThinkIns. These brainy talks are linking up with the New York Times and spending December focusing on the climate crisis, which means you can hear some intensely intelligent people talking about turning cars electric, saving the rainforest and getting big corporations to actually do something besides make money. Information might be the best cure for your eco-anxiety.

Read all about Tortoise >


You sea goats really love a challenge, don’t you?! Adventurous, mountain-scaling and hella brave, it takes a lot to get your blood pumping. This month, pencil in a new escapade: the epic London to Brighton bike ride with Red Fox next year. The journey takes 6 to 7 hours and ends with a well-earned pint by the sea and a little dip! And if that isn’t intense enough, you can always cycle back home…

Check out Red fox >


Poor, poor Aquarius. All you want is some me time to work on your latest ideas and projects and everyone is always getting up in your grill. Time for a solo jaunt to the Kudhva quarry in Cornwall to climb into one of the bonkers cabins on legs and not come down until you’re good and ready. With a suspended bed and coastal views, you can switch off your phone, recharge and have some well-needed space to let your mind wander.

Grab some me time at Kudhva >


Sometimes the lines between fantasy and reality can get pretty blurry for you Pisces peeps. Not great when you’re in a meeting with your boss, but ideal for a trip to the theatre. Escape to an imaginary world this month watching six-times Oscar nominee Amy Adams in a new revival of Tennessee Williams’s ‘The Glass Menagerie’. But make sure not to bring that Deep South accent to your next PDR.

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